Excellent news for Nissan and NISMO fans

{u'en': u"NISMO cars are largely inspired from Nissan's motorsport division"}

Driving enthusiasts fond of Nissan’s NISMO cars will be happy to learn that the Japanese automaker has announced plans to expand its performance brand by making a greater range of models available to customers in more markets and in a shorter time.

This will help increase sales of NISMO cars, which are now about 15,000 units a year in Japan, North America, Europe, and the Middle East combined.

The brand was initially introduced to Nissan’s mainstream model lineup in 2013, and so far in Canada we have seen NISMO editions of the GT-R, 370Z, JUKE, and Sentra.

NISMO will also work with Nissan Motorsports International on marketing. This includes showing NISMO road cars at Nissan dealerships and showrooms and holding events and activities for NISMO car owners.

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