Future Nissan LEAF to be Fully Autonomous… Almost

Driven by boredom to near-madness on the highway? Itching to do more productive things with your time when in your vehicle? The next-generation Nissan LEAF should allow you to do just that, and it’s coming soon.

The Japanese automaker teased consumers and industry watchers with an early glimpse of the car’s headlights back in May, but now provides more detailed information regarding the new ProPILOT system that will allow the new LEAF to autonomously manage acceleration, braking and steering when driving on the highway… as long as the vehicle remains in the same lane.

For Nissan, the new system represents another big step closer to producing truly self-driving cars. The company promises that the system will eventually be able to manage driving in cities and at intersections as well.

The future Nissan LEAF is scheduled to be introduced later in 2017, and will feature a much more modern and elegant look and offer drivers a maximum range that goes well beyond the current model’s 172 km.

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