Intelligent Rear View Mirror coming to 2018 Nissans

The innovations continue apace from Nissan. Hot on the heels of its recent announcements regarding the advanced Rear Door Alert and ProPILOT systems, the Japanese manufacturer has just unveiled another brand-new technology that will be introduced in some of its 2018 models.

The Intelligent Rear View Mirror (I-RVM) gives the driver the option of switching modes to turn the vehicle’s rear view mirror into an “intelligent” camera giving a look-around view of the area behind the vehicle, unobstructed by occupants or large objects in the back seat. The effect is accomplished by the presence of a rear-mounted camera connected to an LCD monitor built in to the rear view mirror, and the driver can easily switch the mirror back and forth between regular and intelligent view modes.

The first model to feature the new I-RVM technology will be the Platinum grade version of the new 2018 Nissan Armada SUV, scheduled to make its debut at Nissan dealerships later this month.

In addition to allowing drivers to “see” through obstructions inside the vehicle, the new system helps improve visibility in low-light conditions, reduces glare and provides a larger field of view.

Explained Bert Brooks, senior manager, product planning, Nissan Canada Inc., “One of the basic fundamentals we’re taught when first learning to drive is checking the vehicle’s mirrors, we learn to adjust in order to get an optimal line of sight. Nissan is taking that necessary safety step to the next level with the new I-RVM. It provides a clear, expanded field of view under a wide range of conditions – giving the driver the best possible view of the rear flanks no matter how crowded the back of the vehicle gets, whether it be with tall passengers or tall cargo.” 

Here's what it looks like...

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