Nissan Has Produced its 150 Millionth Vehicle

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Nissan has attained the 150-million mark for vehicles produced worldwide! Founded in 1933, the Japanese automaker took 73 years to attain the 100-million-vehicle milestone, but it has taken only 11 more years to add 50 million more to that total.

So what explains that surge over the last decade? Until 2006, Nissan’s production was largely concentrated in Japan, but when the automaker expanded its horizons and began producing vehicles in the United States and China, its rate of production exploded.

From the Tama to the LEAF
Among the models that have marked Nissan’s history on the way to 150 million, particularly memorable are the decades-before-its-time Tama electric car, launched in the immediate post-WWII period, and the Nissan Sunny, the top-selling vehicle for the brand in 1966. Another important milestone for the company was the launch of its INFINITI luxury brand, which in 1989 introduced the Q45 and M30 models to American consumers.

By 1990, the automaker had produced its first 50 million cars; this was a full decade before it introduced the first generation of the popular X-Trail. By 2010, consumers were getting their first taste of the Micra and the revolutionary LEAF.

Nissan has now hit the extraordinary plateau of 150 million units produced in its history, joining Volkswagen, which coincidentally itself passed that total earlier this summer!

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