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Articles and road tests

  • Nissan Trucks are Good for Work and Play

    Nissan SUVs and pickup trucks have cargo and towing capabilities to be both workhorses and recreational tools at the same time. We found out first-hand during a presentation by Nissan and BOATsmart.

  • 10 Reasons to Buy a Nissan Qashqai

    While subcompact SUVs are highly in demand these days, it’s also true that the competition in this category is getting more and more ferocious with the arrival of several new entrants. The Nissan Qashqai offers some solid arguments in its favour. We give you 10 of them.

  • New Nissan LEAF to Allow One-Pedal Driving

    Nissan announced this week that the widely anticipated new Nissan LEAF will come with e-Pedal, a revolutionary technology that transforms the way we drive. Find out how it works.

  • New Nissan LEAF to Feature Autonomous Parking

    If you find parking manoeuvres to be a real challenge, we have some good news for you: The next-generation Nissan LEAF’s ProPILOT Park system will help drivers park by automatically guiding the car into a parking spot.

  • 2017 Nissan Qashqai Has All the Makings of a Winner

    Barring any surprises, the Nissan Qashqai represents a solid buy, something that can’t always be said for brand-new models. Here's why.

  • New Nissan LEAF to be Unveiled September 6

    Nissan has announced the date of the official launch of its second-generation Nissan LEAF; it will be unveiled on September 6, a few weeks prior to making an appearance at the International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt.

  • Future Nissan LEAF to be Fully Autonomous… Almost

    If driving on the highway drives you mad with boredom, and if you’d give anything to be able to do other things with your time, the new ProPilot Assist system that will be included in the next-generation Nissan LEAF will allow you to do just that, or just about!

  • Nissan Micra Cup: On Track for Father’s Day!

    30 participants in this Sunday’s “Discovery Experience” event will be joined by a driver from the Nissan Micra Cup and get the chance to drive one of the cars used in the racing series on the track, before thrilling to a full lap of the circuit in a Nissan GT-R. A Father’s Day extravaganza!

  • Nissan: 8 Models to Get Automatic Emergency Braking for 2018

    As part of its Intelligent Mobility initiative that aims to eliminate polluting emissions and fatal road accidents, Nissan is introducing standard automatic emergency braking into 8 of its 2018 models in Canada.

  • Mitsubishi: Record Sales and New Partnership with Nissan in Canada

    Mitsubishi, in the midst of a campaign to modernize its image, has just recorded its best sales performance for the month of May in its 15 years of existence in Canada. In addition, beginning July 1, its new exclusive partner for providing financial services is Nissan Canada Financial Services Inc.